We Are Shutter Island.

A world renown influencer marketing firm that believes
Good content is fire, and the reach is the gasoline.

We Are Shutter Island.

A world renown influencer marketing firm that believes
Good content is fire, and the reach is the gasoline.

A world renown influencer marketing firm that believes Good content is fire, and the reach is the gasoline.

Our Mission

To connect the world’s biggest Influencers with brands that have an impactful message to be perceived.

Through each campaign, we are able to delegate and refer the perfect Influencer to accommodate for the brands desired demographic, following and content creation.

Shutter Island creates strategic marketing pipelines, utilising all social media platforms.


Influencer Marketing

Shutter Island provides a multifaceted approach in providing Influencer marketing campaigns. The first step is to find out what our clients goals are, then we offer a detailed summary on how they can be achieved. Shutter Island has over 10,000 Influencers within their inner network, from micro to macro. Enquire today to see our full list of Influencers.

Influencer Management

Shutter Island focuses on the best of both worlds – facilitating a brand’s marketing goals, as well as connecting brands with our influencers. If you are a social media influencer and you would like to monetize your digital platforms with the brands within our inner network, enquire today and we can discuss your opportunities.

Content Production

Getting your brand’s story and message to your desired audience is our core principal. Our highly skilled and capable team of creatives – which includes cinematographers, producers and digital designers – are passionate at producing strategic content. The art of significantly piercing the audiences emotions through high tier video content is how your brand can be the distinctive difference to others.

Social Media Advertising

Want us to create high tier video marketing content, utilzing A & B list celebrities to professionals within your industry? Shutter Island has resources to reach any type of individual, whatever your marketing goals are – we can provide an in-depth creative marketing outline to implement your brand’s point of difference on the wide world of web, via influential video marketing content.

Our Clients

Past Campaigns

Universal Music US & UK

We worked with Universal Music to use high-tier TikTok creators from US & UK, who can individually emphasise and market the nature of a song through viral dance & lifestyle challenges. These included music by LilYatchy, CYN, Becky Hill, 220 Kid, Maejor & Juicy J.

Logitech / Membrs

We partnered with Logitech for a new subscription based platform - “Membrs”. Membrs is a innovative platform, designed for creators to monetize their social following with exclusive content.

Game of Sultans (App)

We developed a campaign that utilised a number of cosplay, beauty & gaming Influencers on Instagram to encourage their social media followers to download the mobile app, Game Of Sultans. Some of the influencers included: – @nikitacosplay – @vivis_makeup – @eileencassidy_


Colgate specified they wanted a series of Australian based micro & Macro Influencers to promote their products. A unique Colgate Filter was developed for the Influencers to use. Some of the influencers included: Sam BT, Tannar Eacott, Jamie Zhu, Taylor Tredrea, Alyssa Sinacori + more!

Our Pals

Janey Stride

Media Manager at Universal Music Group

“Shutter Island has provided me with various marketing pipelines for our artists over the course of 2019 and 2020. I like the fact that you don’t have to shy away from asking him to provide a rough ROI, before any post is live”

Jamie Zhu

Social Media Entertainer

“Damian has been my ‘unofficial manager’ for close to 3 years now. He has connected me with some long term campaigns with leading brands, and is the captain at [email protected]

Adam Cho

Senior Manager, Talent & Music Marketing at MTV Asia

Damian reached out to me In January 2020, in regards to connecting his client Jamie Zhu with his own dedicated TV show. We established a unique concept that we all agreed on, naming the show "You bought what".

The show received more than 1 million unique viewers on the first episode.
Can't forget that Australian slang words he taught me as well.

Morgan Biemiller

Head of Marketing at Logitech

Damian connected some of his clients to our new platform 'Membrs", with becoming official brand ambassadors for 6 months.

He was a great help with overlooking the content creation process, as well as honing in on our weekly zoom meetings on how we can better the app.

Our Team

Damian Iapozzuto

Founder & Ceo

Damian Iapozzuto is the talent manager and CEO of Shutter Island, leading marketing activations and connecting leading social media influencers to worldwide brand partnerships and global endorsements.

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